Let's go fishing

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We know the keys

Each day in Islamorada, The Sportfishing Capital of The World, you have a chance to catch a trophy! Whether you're having fun catching-and-releasing a sailfish or marlin, or bringing back huge mahi-mahi or fat grouper for the awesome folks at Postcard Inn to cook for you, you will create so many memories that'll last a lifetime!


We know wahoo

Late winter through early spring, the beautiful Keys get a great run of Wahoo! These delicious speed demons can be snatched up by trolling or live baiting off the reef. We know that on and around full moon is the prime time to catch these babies!


We know mahi

April through September, mahi (also known as dolphin and dorado) travel to the warm Gulfstream waters off the Florida Keys. These tasty acrobatic green monsters are a blast to catch and make for great table fare. With a boat limit of up 60 fish, dolphin trips can easily stock up your freezer with fish filets for a big tasty fish fry with all your friends and family!


We know sailfish

November through April we are at the heart of Atlantic sailfish season! We use light 20lb tackle and live bait under kites to entice these magical creatures. For those who seek competition, there is a sailfish tournament every week with some weeks hosting more than one.


We know grouper

The reefs off of Islamorada offer some productive spots to try your hand at catching black, red or gag grouper. Just drop a live or fresh dead bait to the bottom at one of our proven reef spots and hold on for a fish-fight of your life (not to mention a delicious dinner)! We pride ourselves as being one of the best grouper-catching charter boats in South Florida!


We know the hotspots

Just offshore, there are a few underwater mounts which we refer to as "humps". When the Gulfstream hits the side of the hump, cold water flows from the bottom of the ocean. This cooler water is rich with squid and other bait that tuna love to feed on, what makes these humps a great spot to target tuna to bring back to the dock at Postcard Inn to have it cooked, or prepared sushi-style at a number of great local restaurants.


There are many shipwrecks and "FADs" (fish-attracting devices) just a short run from our dock at Holiday Isle here in Islamorada. Our wreck fishing charters give you a shot at some great bottom fishing combined with live baiting or jigging for all kind of pelagic species that frequent these wrecks in search of a meal.